Macintosh High Sierra and Windows Online Bible Desktops

The latest Mac Operating System has been released.
The name High Sierra alludes to its status as a refinement of its predecessor, Sierra. It is focused on performance improvements and technical updates rather than user features. Among the apps with notable updates are Photos and Safari. That said, Apple had to make changesĀ  in order to implement some refinements.
As many of you will remember, when Apple released Sierra they broke many functions that developers relied on to run their applications. It took two more releases to solve most of these problems. We don’t expect to have any difficulties with High Sierra and have not had any feedback from Online Bible users yet.
If you update to High Sierra, it would be wise to make sure that you can revert back to Sierra if necessary.
Please let us know if you have updated to High Sierra and if Online Bible still functions properly.


I asked Larry Pierce to explain the “Desktop” function in Online Bible for Windows and here is his answer.

If you have several Bible studies on the go at once, you can bookmark each one of them so you can quickly get back to a particular study. To bookmark a particular Bible study, click on the toolbar icon that looks like a desk with a light over it or press F6. The Desktop form opens with several tab options. Select Create and give your Bible study a unique name. Click OK to save the study. All your settings for that study are saved as well as the contents of each open window. Think of Desktops as a giant bookmark. To access that Bible study, click on the Desktop Icon in the toolbar or press F6. Double click on the title of the name of the desktop you wish to load.
The default desktop “Online Bible Desktop” is not one you should use as every time you load a new version or module, this desktop is replaced with the install default desktop. You may wish to create a Default Desktop that has all the settings you normally use selected. Then when you wish to create a new desktop, load in your default desktop, configure it the way you want and then save it under a new name.
I have a desktop for every project I am currently working on. There is no limit to the number of different desktops you can create. Use the help on the Desktop form to learn more about desktops.


Dave Pohl

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