Online Bible, 700 Brethren Books and A New Mac App


As well as publishing and distributing The Online Bible program we also distribute a number of other important collections. The Shiloh Christian Library is a set of three CDs in Adobe Acrobat PDF files from the personal libraries of a few brethren in Vancouver BC. These can be read on any computer the free Acrobat Reader app which is easily available from

Shiloh Christian Library


These three volumes regularly $24.95 each are on sale this month for only $19.95 each plus shipping

Here is a direct link to the store.  CLICK HERE

Each CD-ROM  contains over 200 books by more than 65 authors

No Locked Titles 

No Hidden Costs 

No Limited Editions

Just point and click it is that simple!


This is a picture of the main page of Volume 1. The left section of the window are quick-links to the different features on the CD, these features will change with the different books you open, and will always provide an easy way back to this opening page. The right window section is the main interface window. The majority of the time you will browse through this section to view the books. Choose from over 200 Christian titles by 65 accredited authors on each CD-ROM using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Volume 1 Contents click here
Contains over 200 Christian titles by 75 accredited authors including:
Anderson, Coates, Dennett, Grant, Ironside, Kelly, Morgan and Ridout.


Volume 2 Contents CLICK HERE
Contains over 200 Christian titles by 95 accredited authors including:
Adams, Coates, Dennett, Gabelein, Ironside, Kelly, Mauro, Meyer, Pickering, Ridout, Ritchie, Rodgers and Vine.


Volume 3 Contents click here
Contains over 300 books by 130 Brethren writers including:
William Kelly – 40 books
C.H. Mackintosh – 18 books
Samuel Ridout – 8 books
H.L. Rossier – 12 books
Hamilton Smith – 19 books
W.T.P. Wolston – 6 books







We have more news for those of you who use Macintosh desktop computers. There are now THREE different ways of using Online Bible on your Mac.

We have the last release of the native Macintosh Online Bible that comes two ways, “Classic” CD or “Deluxe” CD. The Deluxe includes NIV, NAS, NRSV, and NLT, The Classic has everything that is on the Deluxe except NIV, NAS, NRSV and NLT.

The second way is to buy our new Windows/Macintosh/Linux DVD that includes much more material. The disadvantage is that the look and feel of the program is like the Windows program and not a traditional Macintosh experience.

The newest way is a Mac app that has been developed by our European distributors based on their previous iOS and Android apps. This is available by downloading directly from the Mac App store into your iMac. This has a new look and feel different from either of our previous desktop versions of Online Bible. This app requires Mac OS 10.12.3 (Sierra).

The free Starter Pack is easily downloaded from the App store by searching for Online Bible (or looking through the Reference section of the store). Once you have installed the Starter Pack you can download more free and paid modules.

One big advantage is that they have an Advanced Function ($24.99 US or $34.99 CA) that will allow you to copy all of the material from our Windows DVD to your Mac which will give you an enormous library that has not been available previously on a Mac. This function works for Mac OS and Android but not iOS tablets or phones.

Click here for a full list of the English material

Click here for a full list of the material in other languages

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