2017 Windows Online Bible is now ready

We have just pressed the 2017 Online Bible DVD for Windows. This disc also runs under Linux and with an emulator called WINE that we include on the disc it will run on a Macintosh computer. Mac users please keep in mind that we also have native Mac CDs that have a traditional Mac look and feel but do not include as much material as we have on the Windows DVD.

Larry Pierce has spent much of 2016 working with a Spanish translator preparing new material for that language. So far we have added Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary, a Bible Dictionary, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons and Reina-Valers 2017 with Strongs numbers to access the lexicons and dictionary to the 4 Spanish Bible we had previously. They are currently working on the Themes (topical references) and another Spanish Bible version with Strong’s numbers embedded.

For those of us working in English, in addition to keeping current with the Windows operating system we have, over the last few years, added 2 Bibles, 9 Commentaries and 20 other Books to our previous 50 Bible versions,  400 Books, 50 Commentaries, 10 Ancient Language Texts, and 25 Dictionaries and Lexicons.

Here is a list of our newest English modules.

American King James Version
Lexham English Bible

Godet – Luke, John, Romans, 1 Cor
Gray – Concise Bible Commentary
Victorinus – Commentary on Revelation
Brink – Gospel According to Matthew
Broadus – Matthew
Alderman – Hebrews – Looking Unto Jesus
MacLaren – Expositions of the Holy Scriptures
Eadie – Gal, Php, Col
Puritan Notes

The Biblical Basis of the N.T. Church – Abrams
Thoughts On Religious Experience     – Alexander
Price of God’s Miracle Working – Allen
The Brotherhood Journal Quotes – BJ Quotes
Why Believe The Bible – Blanchard
Undesigned Coincidences     – Blunt
Canaan Life – Brooks
Atributes Of God – Deffinbaugh
Death Of Christ – Denny
Hermeneutics – Dungan
Guide To Basic Bible Interpretation – Erkel
Ancient Orient And The O. T. – Kitchen
Work Of The Holy Spirit – Kuyper
The Christian Soldier – Lloyd Jones
History Of Christianity In The Apostolic Age     – McGiffert
Rwevised History of Ancient Kingdoms – Newton, Issac
Susannah Spurgeon, A Biography – Ray
Studies in the New Testament – Robertson
Atonement – Smeaton
How We Got Our Bible – Thomas
Rethinking The Wineskin – Viola

As part of their daily devotions, Larry and his wife Marian have been reading through Spurgeon’s sermons together, correcting previous scanning errors and updating the language to contemporary English. They have completed more than 2000 and hope to get the last 1500 completed in the next few years.

All of us at Online Bible wish you a blessed year in 2017 and pray that our ministry will help you draw closer to our Lord.



2 thoughts on “2017 Windows Online Bible is now ready”

  1. Thanks for all the great work and a wonderful tool – Online Bible.

    I miss the former “Deluxe” all encompassing bundled version of OLB. It had a great price, no unlock codes to fiddle with, and was easy to buy and install. I imagine those ‘unlock’ parties (NIV, NAS, Rotherham, etc.) make it difficult for you to create that kind of Deluxe version these days. Yes/no? Just casting my little vote. 🙂

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