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Nave’s Topical Bible is a classic book that is included in both our Online Bible for Windows DVD and our Online Bible for Macintosh CDs. (Mac users please see the note at the end of this blog)

naves-topical-bibleWritten before the age of computers, Orville J. Nave’s Topical Bible is a true work of art.

Nave spent 14 years studying the King James Version of the Bible with his wife, and created this concordance of over 20,000 topics with over 100,000 Scripture references in 1896. Each topic has multiple scripture references, which give the reader a complete sense of the word or phrase, and make this volume more helpful for beginners than a traditional concordance.

You are also able to search for all the verses related to a topic or all the topics related to a verse. Topics range from the broad (concepts like salvation or repentance) to the minute (references to rope or doves in scripture). The book also includes listings for names and places in the Bible.

A true cornerstone of Biblical knowledge, Nave’s Topical Bible is endorsed and used by Christians of all backgrounds. Though it was first completed over a century ago, this enduring Biblical reference book is still sure to suit many needs.

Here is one entry.


Sent out from the ark by Noah
Ge 8:8-11

Isa 60:8

Nests of
Jer 48:28

Harmlessness of, typical of Christ’s gentleness
Mt 10:16

Sacrificial uses of
Ge 15:9

Prescribed for purification
Of women
Le 12:6,8  Lu 2:24
Of Nazarites
Nu 6:10
Of lepers
Le 14:22

Burnt offering of
Le 1:14-17

Trespass offering of, for the impecunious
Le 5:7-10  12:8

Sin offering, for those who touched any dead body
Nu 6:10

Market for, in the temple
Mt 21:12  Joh 2:14

Of the Holy Spirit
Mt 3:16  Lu 3:22  Joh 1:32

orville-naveOrville Nave was born in Galion, Ohio on April 30, 1841. He was the son of Solomon P. and Jane Ann (Johnson) Nave. On August 14, 1862, he enlisted as a private in the 111th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment for service in the Civil War.

In 1870, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan University. On September 6 of that year, he married Anna Eliza Semans of Delaware, Ohio. Orville Nave continued his studies at Ohio Wesleyan, earning a Master of Arts degree in 1873.

On July 27, 1882, Nave became a chaplain in the U.S. Army. From 1888 to 1894, he served as correspondence secretary of the Corps of Army Chaplains. During this time, he advocated for reforms in the chaplaincy. His insistence that Christian denominations become more involved in the process of selecting chaplains led to the formation of the interdenominational United Christian Commission in 1890.

Nave earned a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1895 and a Doctor of Law degree in 1897, both from Nebraska Wesleyan University. In 1897, he published his best-known work, Nave’s Topical Bible.

During the Spanish–American War, Nave and his wife set up a kitchen to provide for the special dietary needs of sick soldiers at an encampment in Tennessee. He continued his service as an army chaplain and was assigned to the 3rd infantry division in 1901. He retired from the army on April 30, 1905.

In addition to Nave’s Topical Bible, Nave also published the Student’s Bible in 1907, as well as several Bible textbooks. In 1914 and 1915, he served as chaplain in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. On June 24, 1917, Nave died from injuries sustained when he was struck by a street car outside his home in Los Angeles, California.

macos-sierraThis is a quick note of encouragement to those of you Macintosh users who have found that Online Bible crashed upon updating your operating system to Sierra.

Apple released a beta version of Sierra (10.12.2) last week to developers and power users which seems to correct the problem.

A number of beta testers have reported that Sierra is now behaving properly with Online Bible.

Unless you are accustomed to testing macOS beta releases we do NOT recommend that you try it.

Apple will inform you as usual when version 10.12.2 is available.

Once Apple releases it to the public and we know for sure that the bug has been fixed I will send you an email.


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  1. Online Bible 4.2.1 runs fine under the latest Sierra release 10.12.6 Beta (16G12b).

    I am now downloading the next operating system High Sierra 10.13, and will report back on the behaviour of OLB 4.2.1

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