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First the bad news. We are having a major problem with our Macintosh version of the Online Bible App.

The Online Bible app is crashing due to a new method (or function) Apple has added to Sierra, the latest OSX release. It appears to be crashing as it calls an operating system method which then tries to call  a new method added to Sierra, but one that  is not yet implemented by Sierra.

We have a bug report in to Apple and hope they will correct the issue soon, but Apple is not quick to respond to bug reports so we just have to wait as see what happens with the next release of Sierra.


I will be keeping you informed as we get more information.


On a more cheerful note, in addition to publishing The Online Bible program we also carry other CDs that run independently of Online Bible. One very interesting package is from Chuck Williams.

Have you noticed how often studying about the Bible takes you away from studying the Bible itself? This verse by verse Index nicely sends us to the Bible itself.  A person wanting to study Moses or David, for example, might read books about these men, and enjoy them, but inevitably you read more “about” the Bible than the Bible itself.

This tool concisely maps the chronological biography of both major and minor Bible characters. You will be delighted to find Charles William’s Bible Biographical Index a handy resource for both teaching and personal study. Its chronological outlines of the life of Christ, Moses, David and others gives the reader a quick handle on these important lives.

The Index also helps carefully distinguish between any two distinct Bible characters who share the same name.

The extra value of the Index is in its summaries of what these individuals did and when. Its conclusions are in the author’s own words, which serve then as a type of commentary.

The Bible Biographical Index is a valuable reference volume which indexes people of the Bible by noun, personal pronoun and personal name and lists all occurrences in the Bible.

Have you ever been unable to locate someone or something they did in the Bible? This index was compiled as the result of having to read several books to find out everything David did. Now, using this index you can find out, in just a few short pages, the major things David and others did and who they dealt with directly or indirectly.

The best “people” illustrations used in preaching and teaching are those from the Bible. However, sometimes a particular incident cannot be found because the person involved is referred to by a noun or pronoun. The Bible Biographical Index meets this need. People that God used to carry out His plan and message are very important. By using this index you will be able to quickly feel the flow of a person’s life through the whole Bible complete with the appropriate reference, even when a noun or pronoun is used to identify that person.

Bible dictionaries, topical Bibles, Bible encyclopedias, and concordances generally do not tell everything about what happened to a certain person. For example, many times over, King David is referred to as “the king” and not by name, while other kings are referred to in the same manner. The name “Nehemiah” is only listed in major concordances a few times, but he refers to himself as “I” or “we” and is included in this index over fifty times. These are just a few examples.

Do not use this work as a substitute for the Bible. It is intended as a guide to the person’s life and is NOT intended to replace the Bible.

Interpretations are concise and conservative, i.e., not speculative or beyond what the Bible itself affirms.

Most characters are identified by their father or mother when available.

The same person is also listed by their other name(s) or another spelling, and is frequently cross-referenced.

No attempt has been made to resolve problem passages. The object of the index is only to report the facts.

There are no genealogies included except where major characters’ descendants are mentioned as a group, not individually. Genealogies can be traced by using The Connection which is a separate app included on the CD.

There are four parts to The Connection (Bible Genealogies Made Clear)

1. The generation number indicating the generation of the people only in that section.
2. Classification of the section.
3. The Bible reference and the name of the person.
4. The Appendix tells where all the people of The Connection can be found by Bible reference.


The $9.95 CD is on special for only $7.00 (plus shipping) this month and includes 4 PDF files that can be read on any computer using the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Bible Biographical Index
The Connection
Revival The Psalm 119 Way
Growing In The Lord

Click here for a direct link to the ordering page.


chuck-williamsCharles E. (Chuck) Williams, the author of these studies, introduces himself as, “a printer by trade [Over 25 years as print shop owner, estimator, and in-house printer.], a preacher by calling [Over 15 years as an open air evangelist, pastor, mission chaplain and a Non-Profit evangelistic organization director.] and now for over 22 years, ‘Tent Making’ as a courier while at the same time writing and publishing Bible Study materials to equip the church.”

His latest project began in January 2007 with the study of Psalm 119, resulting in his newest work “Winning @ Life 24.7” in four volumes.

Charles holds a B.D. in English Bible and a Doctor of Ministry in Urban Missions.

Dr. Williams lives in Gilbert, AZ with his eldest daughter and her family.

If you would like to contact him personally you can send him an email at gospelherald [at] cox (dot) net


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