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In March I mentioned some places we have visited in the Northeast and then some in the Southeast and Central States.  These are some we have visited or heard of in the West. I would appreciate hearing from you about your experiences with any of these or with others I don’t know about.

Creation and Earth History Museum. – Santee, California

This museum creation-and-earth-history-museumwas designed, built and operated by the Institute for Creation Research for nearly 20 years. Upon the Institutes move to Dallas, Texas, the museum, along with the building, was sold to Scantibodies Laboratory, Inc. Tom Cantor, the founder and owner of Scantibodies Laboratory, along with his wife Cheryl formed a non-profit ministry called Life and Light Foundation, from which to run the museum. Now owned and operated by the Life and Light Foundation, the museum will remain a showcase for a literal six day young earth creation model, as well as expanding the emphasis on the incredible design found in that creation. With plans for future expansion of the museum and resource center, Life and Light Foundation looks forward to continue serving the Christian community.

Cabazon Dinosaurs – Cabazon, California

cabazon-dinosaursThis fun display and museum includes static and moving dinosaurs along with factual information provided by scientists around the world.  The informational signs contain facts regarding the history of the world, dinosaurs and man. It was begun in the 1960s by Knott’s Berry Farm sculptor and portrait artist Claude K.Bell to attract customers to his Wheel Inn Cafe, which opened in 1958. Dinny, the first of the Cabazon dinosaurs, was started in 1964 and created over a span of eleven years. Bell created Dinny out of spare material salvaged from the construction of nearby Interstate 10 at a cost of $300,000. The biomorphic building that was to become Dinny was first erected as steel framework over which an expanded metal grid was formed in the shape of a dinosaur. All of it was then covered with coats of spray concrete. A second dinosaur, Mr. Rex, was constructed near Dinny in 1981.

7 Wonders Creation Museum – Silver Lake, Washington

mount-st-helensCatastrophic change at Mount St. Helens is the theme of the 7 Wonders Creation Museum.  Services include professional displays, presentations, creation resources and guided hikes. Secular geology has long supported evolution by arguing that the earth changes slowly over millions of years. At the Museum you will learn how layering and canyons were formed quickly by ash fall, mud flows and pyroclastic flows. Astonishingly, a mini Grand Canyon was carved in hours. The Museum’s bookstore contains the largest selection of creation titles known in the northwest. This museum near Mount St. Helens, uses the volcano’s 1980 eruption to show that geologic change can happen on a rapid scale, and that changes believed by mainstream scientists to take millions of years can occur in as short a period of time as hours or days.

Big Valley Creation Science Museum – Big Valley, Alberta

big-valley-museumBuilt from the foundations up, for the glory of the Creator, to display the evidence of his handiwork and refute the lie of evolution. The “Dinosaurs and Humans” display shows considerable evidence that not only did dinosaurs exist recently, but that humans existed with them. This evidence is fatal to the evolutionary dogma which has dinosaurs extinct at least 60 million years before humans evolved. The fantastic “Fossils and the Flood” display contains only genuine, museum quality fossils and a giant model of Noah’s ark. Come find out why these fossils present profound evidence for the flood of Noah. In the “Evidence From Geology” display we deal with the geological column, the fossil sequence and profound evidence for a past, global flood such as the Quartzite boulders of the Cypress Hills in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  • Big Valley Creation Science Museum
  • Box 340, Big Valley, Alberta T0J 0G0
  • (403)876-2100

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play – Drumheller, Alberta

badlands-amphitheatreBe carried back 2000 years to the land and events that changed the course of history. This dramatic portrayal of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in an acoustically superb natural bowl amphitheater will make you feel like you are actually there. The scripture-based script and music, realistic set and costumes, quality performances and remarkable similarity of the site to the Holy Land all add to the experience. Performances are 3 hours long including a twenty minute intermission. Regular changes to the script, production, cast and set make each year’s performance unique.

One of Alberta’s Top Cultural Attractions” – Attractions Canada – “One of the Top 100 Events in North America” – American Bus Association

  • The Canadian Badlands Passion Play
  • 605 – 17th Street SW
  • Box 457, Drumheller, Alberta T0J 0Y0
  • 1-403-823-2001


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