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We are building a new web site for Online Bible

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7 thoughts on “New Online Bible Page”

  1. I have used Online Bible since version 1!! Have talked to Larry Pierce over the years… I finally have purchased the new DVD. Online Bible is a great product. I use it daily. I am a writer. I use it exclusively for all of my searches and cutting and pasting. When writing, I do not just refer to the reference, but include the text for the readers convenience. Published: “The Attributes of God – A Systematic Analysis” “The Dynamics of Suffering for the Christian – GOD IS UP TO SOMETHING!” (Amazon). Currently being edited…”It’s a Head-On Collision – Christianized existentialism and the Sovereignty of God” (the war against Calvinism). Currently writing – “Do You Really Love Jesus?” Thanks to Online Bible, its built in commentaries etc., its extensive cross references, and search engine I am VERY satisfied. Can’t beat the price compared to “Logos”! 🙂

  2. I’ve used Online Bible for many years and it’s an incredible tool. I bought the newest CD version only for some months ago, and it’s really amazing! I am to see this new Blog with very interesting articles. Keep up the good work, guys!

    God bless and good wishes to you all from Norway. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your note.
      It always gives me a thrill to heare from Online Bible users from around the world.

  3. I just learned about your blog. I’m thrilled to have it. ]\
    We have used Online Bible for many years but recently mine doesn’t work very well so I have had to go to Bible Gateway. I’m going to tell my husband about your new Online Bible.
    I am so fascinated by your husband-and-wife team who do, essentially, the same thing my husband and I do though with much simpler Christian books. I have been a proofreader for Harvest House publishers for about 18 years and proofread/copyedit for several other small Christian publishers as well as our business clients. As well, we have “written” 4 Bible Word Search books and send out a monthly 4-6-page newsletter…just happy to have found you.

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