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In March I mentioned some places we have visited in the Northeast and in May some in the Southeast.  These are some we have visited or heard of in the Central states. In future blogs I will tell about some we know of and have experienced further west. I would appreciate hearing from you about your experiences with any of these or with others I don’t know about.

Glendive Fossil Museum-150x150 Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum – Glendive, Montana

The mission of the Foundation Advancing Creation Truth and its related ministries is to glorify God as Creator and Sustainer, emphasize man’s accountability to Him, and challenge the hearer/visitor to think through the humanistic concept of evolution. Currently this is achieved through the Fossil Digs at Glendive where fossil excavation of dinosaur bones is done in the context of the flood of Noah’s day. The foundation has finished constructing the Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum which presents the Truth of God’s Word using the latest in dinosaur and fossil exhibits, paleontological, geological, archeological, and scientific discoveries. Museum hours: 10AM to 5PM. Tuesday – Saturday

Glendive Dinosaur & Fossil Museum
139 State Street,Glendive, MT 59330

Precious MomentsThe Precious Moments Chapel – Carthage, Missouri

The Chapel also known as “America’s Sistine Chapel”, has over 9000 square feet of biblical artwork painted on the actual walls and ceiling. Many hand made stained glass windows with biblical messages created by Mr. Butcher adorn the exterior of the Chapel. Hand carved bronze plates depicting the old and new testaments greet you at the front of the Chapel as well as hand carved Philippine wood doors. The artist, Samuel J. Butcher, was inspired by Rome’s Sistine Chapel and felt directed by the Lord to build the Chapel in Carthage to share the promise of hope, love and inspiration. The Precious Moments Chapel brings hope and articulates a sense of divine purpose in the midst of the tragedy of losing a loved one. Inspired by the stories of children who lost their lives at a young, tender age, Hallelujah Square depicts children living on for eternity in Heaven. The Samuel J. Butcher Museum has many items depicting Samuel J. Butcher’s life, family, and artistic creations. He has shared his faith with thousands of people over the years and the Precious Moments Supporting Foundation will continue to sustain and share the joy of the Chapel and Sam Butcher’s legacy for many years to come. The Visitor Center houses the World’s largest Precious Moments Gift Shop as well as a year round Christmas Shop with many different brands to choose from. There is a snack shop and atrium filled with animated figurines and a running stream through a castle moat. When you start your journey from the Visitor Center to the Chapel, you will walk through beautiful gardens and see statues and fountains created by Mr. Butcher. Soft music plays along your walk and you may see a deer run across the fields in the distance.

Precious Moments Chapel
4105 Chapel Road
Carthage, MO 64836


MosesPhotoSight & Sound Theatres – Branson, Missouri

The name “Sight & Sound” was inspired by the teaching of Jesus found in Matthew 13:10-23. The disciples asked Jesus why he spoke to the people in parables or stories. Jesus replied that even though people were seeing, they did not really see. Even though they were hearing, they did not truly hear or understand what they heard. It is our goal to visualize and dramatize Biblical truth through live stage productions – to illustrate truth in the same way that Jesus did, by storytelling. Our desire is that our audience will gain clear understanding and inspiration through these presentations, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and deepen their relationship with our Father through Him. Our purpose is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sow the Word of God into the lives of our customers, guests and fellow workers by visualizing and dramatizing the scriptures, through inspirational productions, encouraging others and seeking always to be dedicated and wise stewards of our God-given talents and resources.

Sight & Sound Theatres,
1001 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway –
Branson, MO 65616

Covenant GardensCovenant Gardens – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

In this Christian-themed botanical garden visitors walk paths that meander past trickling streams and cool ponds while inspirational music is piped through the gardens. Benches are strategically placed along the path for those wishing to sit and simply enjoy the beauty around them. In Covenant Gardens visitors find a unique selection of plants to represent those found in the Bible. A mimosa tree represents the acacia. Cattails represent reeds, and there is also a crown of thorns.  Open daily mid May through mid October.

Covenant Gardens
501 CR 205
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
(479) 253-2248

Thorncrown ChapelThorncrown Chapel – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

You walk down a wooded trail, move around a curve and there stands a majestic glass chapel- so beautiful- so close to God. Welcome to Thorncrown Chapel. Thorncrown was the dream of retired school teacher, Jim Reed. In 1978 Jim enlisted the help of renowned architect E. Fay Jones to design a place of worship for the visitors to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The result was a forty-eight foot tall wooden structure with 425 windows. Since the chapel opened in 1980, over six million people have visited this woodland sanctuary. It has won numerous architectural awards such as the American Institute of Architecture’s Design of the Year Award for 1981 and the American Institute of Architecture’s Design of the Decade Award for the 1980’s. Recently, members of the American Institute of Architects placed Thorncrown Chapel fourth on its list of the top buildings of the twentieth century. April through November 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Thorncrown Chapel
12968 Hwy 62 West
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

New Holy LandNew Holy Land Experience – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This attraction has four features. The Great Passion Play is best known. Since 1968, over 7.6 million people have seen The Great Passion Play. Tucked away in the picturesque Ozark Mountains, the amphitheater transports you over 2,000 years ago to witness the majesty of Jesus Christ’s life, betrayal, death, and glorious resurrection. A cast of over 125 actors and dozens of birds and animals perform the Play on a set built into the hillside. The set is three-stories-tall and 550 feet across – the size of two football fields. Yet each of the 4,000 seats is close enough for you to clearly see and hear the Greatest Story Ever Told. The Bible Museum with over 7,000 Bibles in 625 languages and dialects, along with a large collection of parchments, is one of the most visited and impressive of its kind. Among the most important artifacts include: an original 1611 King James Bible, a page of the Gutenberg Bible (only 47 are in existence today), an 1898 Bible signed by all of the original Gideons (the only one of its kind), and numerous others. The Sacred Arts Center with pieces dating back to the ninth century, features a diverse mix of artistic mediums portraying Christ and the Christian life. In fact, there are over 1,000 works of art in 64 different forms, making it one of the most expansive collections of Christ-centered art. Along with classic masterpieces, the Center showcases art by contemporary Christian artists, such as Jack Dawson. The Christ of the Ozarks Statue was dedicated in 1966, the first attraction built for the Great Passion Play religious theme park. It stands atop Magnetic Mountain, facing west, “blessing” the town of Eureka Springs below, a gesture of thanks from Gerald L.K. Smith, the man who had searched the country looking for a town that would allow its construction. Christ of the Ozarks is the third-tallest Jesus in the world (surpassed only by a couple of mega-Messiahs in South America). Already perched at an altitude of 1,500 feet, it stands 67 feet tall.

New Holy Land
471 Passion Play Road
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Museum of Earth HistoryThe Museum of Earth History – Dallas, Texas

The Museum of Earth History Dallas is a result of the joint vision and collaboration of Christ For The Nations and Creation Truth Foundation. It will provide you with an enjoyable and educational experience exploring the Biblical perspective of Creation and Earth history through the use of scientific displays, artifacts, and historical data. The Museum will be open for group and special tours by appointment only. To schedule a tour please contact the museum so we can ensure that a dedicated Museum Host will be available to provide you and your group with interesting facts about the museum, the concept of earth history and answer any questions that you may have. Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. To 6 p.m

Museum of Earth History
444 Fawn Ridge Dr.
Dallas, TX 75224

Dinosaur WorldDinosaur World – Glen Rose, Texas

Dinosaur World is the name of three outdoor museums, one in Plant City, Florida, one in Cave City, Kentucky, and the third in Glen Rose, Texas, where visitors can see up close and life size the amazing creatures that once ruled the Earth. The dinosaur models, up to eighty feet in length and based on the latest scientific discoveries, are made of fiberglass, steel, and concrete. The dinosaurs are arranged  in groups of as many as eleven of a single species, in a variety of settings. Dinosaur World displays more dinosaurs than any other — over 150 spread across 12 acres, many of impressive scale and workmanship. No other dino park that we know of can afford to have a full-size Ultrasaurus and two T-rexes out by the interstate, just as eye-catching billboards. Nestled among a lush assortment of native vegetation, the dinosaurs are so believable that some visitors claim to see them moving through the shadows cast by the many native trees. Open daily from  9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday – Friday and 9:00AM to 6:00PM Saturday and Sunday.

Dinosaur World
1058 Park Road 59,
Glen Rose, TX 76043
(254) 898-1526

The PromiseThe Promise – Glen Rose, Texas

The Promise utilizes an award-winning musical score, live animals, and a cast and crew of over 200 dedicated Christians.  It offers breathtaking technology with its lighting and sound system, as well a 45,000 gallon moat, and rain curtain.  The Promise is held on weekends every Fall at The Texas Amphitheater, a 3,250 seat venue built just for this production. The Promise is a realized dream that began in 1989.  It was the dream of introducing to the world a loving, laughing, and approachable Jesus in a casual, but glorious, outdoor environment.  What started as a play born of passion became a powerhouse production and Texas destination. More than two decades later, it remains a major draw. Narrated by a grandfather and his grandchildren, the story begins on the banks of the Paluxy River in historical Glen Rose, Texas. While hiking through the wilderness, the children come upon an old campsite that their Grandpa visited as a child. Grandpa begins to share a story with them that his grandfather shared with him in that very spot, a story about The Promised One! As the story “comes alive”, they find themselves among the prophets of The Old Testament foretelling the Life of Christ.  As the grandfather continues, the group is later present at the birthplace of Jesus, in the midst of shepherds and kings. Straight out of the pages of scripture, the narrators and audience witness the birth, life, death, resurrection, and triumphant ascension of Jesus Christ. In 2016, The Promise will be celebrating its 28th season in Glen Rose, Texas, with performances on Friday and Saturday evenings in September and October.

The Promise in Glen Rose
5000 Texas Drive
Glen Rose, Texas 76043

Focus on the FamilyFocus on the Family – Colorado Springs, Colorado

At the ministry’s Welcome Center in Colorado Springs, guests may become better acquainted with the ministry via a self-guided walking tour of that building, as well as have fun with their children in the Kid’s Korner play area and Whit’s End Soda Shoppe. The Welcome Center has had more than three million guests walk through its doors since it’s opening in 1994, and is located next to our on-campus bookstore. Families can enjoy a 170-seat theater featuring films like Welcome Home, The Last Chance Detectives and other theater presentations. Attractions include a kids’ play area with a three-story slide, Whit’s End Soda Shoppe, birthday party room, G. Harvey Art Gallery and Solid Grounds coffee bar. For the safety of all children, we ask that an adult stay with children under 16 years of age and that there be 1 adult for every 5 children in your group. Additional expansions include the Discovery Emporium, complete with a puppet stage, reading area, KYDS’ Radio Studio, two birthday party rooms (J&J Antiques and the Odyssey Fire Station), an area for toddlers (Camp What-A-Nut), the Foley Museum and the Narnia Adventure Room. Guided tours take place Monday through Friday. Please call ahead to confirm tour times.

Focus on the Family Welcome Center and Bookstore
8685 Explorer Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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